The encoder is designed to broadcast H.264 and MPEG-4 AAC streams to a Wowza Media Server. The video and audio streams are DirectShow capture samples from a wide range of devices including DV cameras. The encoded AVC and AAC streams are uploaded to the server controlled by a RTSP connection (session). Basic and Digest authentications are both supported. Also a native UDP/RTP/RTCP streaming is available by using a SDP file generated by the encoder which contains the "out of band" parameters. The encoder is RFC3550, RFC3016, RFC3984, RFC2617, RFC2326, RFC2327 compliant.

newThe current release supports HD formats for video frames.

Together HD

Together HD is a video conference solution designed to work only on 720p HD format. The MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) system is a Java cross platform application highly optimized.


IP Camera

Is a widget designed to transform your WEB CAM into a network IP camera which is able to deliver a HTTP M-JPEG stream. Another widget is available using Windows ASF format.

IP Camera
Download M-JPEG version... Download ASF version...

Desktop Snapshot

DesktopSnapshot has been designed to be used for video and audio presentations using a full screen capture and optional a WebCam and a microphone.



Webcast is a video and audio streaming application designed to be used by TV stations as a mobile camera. The video and audio media samples are captured from the DV camera using an IEEE 1394 interface installed on a laptop having a wireless connection to the Internet. The media samples are compressed using a software encoder resulting high quality streams which are uploaded to a server via the wireless network connection. The server is running on the TV studio and the streams are played on a digital monitor and further broadcasted to the subscribers. The server also provides a download audio stream used to communicate with the camera operator.


M-JPEG Player

It is one of the fastest player for IP Network cameras ever build. It renders Motion JPEG streams from network cameras. The player has been tested only with Axis IP Network (M-JPEG) cameras. Nevertheless the player could be easily adapted to work with cameras from other vendors. The palyer has been designed to do tests and evaluations on Motion JPEG streams. A Motion JPEG MIDlet player is also available for free and can be used on wireless devices Java enabled like PDAs and mobile phones.


On Air

Based on previous researches this new release is a multichannel video streaming application using an UDP multicasting protocol. Four channels are available on this version but nevertheless more channels can be defined by just simply add new buttons. This version is a good start point for a new family of more sophisticated video streaming applications for Intranet and Internet.


FLV Encoder

Is a DirectShow video and audio capture application which is able to deliver a live FLV stream from a device like a DV camera, USB Webcam, TV Tuner or capture card via an embedded HTTP server or a Media Server. Screen capture, pictures and media files are also supported. The video stream is FLV1 encoded and the audio stream is MP3 encoded. As a remote player you can use any FLV player able to render remote FLV files.

flv encoder


Is able to post JPEG images captured from your WEB-CAM on a remote location (WEB site) using FTP or SSH (SCP or SFTP) services.


Outlook DBX Scanner

DBX Scanner is designed to recover e-mail messages from damaged or corrupted DBX files. DBX Scanner is one of the fastest and precise e-mail recovering tool ever build. The recovering rate is 100% in almost all cases!

DBX Scanner

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